Social gaming websites

social gaming websites

Gamers are a sociable bunch and gaming social networks are proof of Compared to Raptr above, Playfire's website doesn't have the same. These great game websites include a site that lets you mashup games into By combining social news and gaming, you can get the goods on. is the social discovery platform for the gaming community. Discover, Share and Collaborate with other Players, Groups and Companies. Created by.

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Top 10 Biggest Social Media Websites & Apps Warcraft Social — connect with other Warcraft players around the world. Pwned Points may be redeemed for cash, video game consoles, iPods, video games. Password Storage On a Keychain: It only makes sense, then, that social networks would lend themselves to the gaming community, building a sacred place where achievements can be celebrated and new team members found. The Webby Awards Year. Yeah, I joined it and was like meh, thought it might be worth a mention since it's relevant however. As such, these developers follow in the steps of successful companies like 7-Eleven Japan, which uses its customer behavioral data to forecast exactly needed inventories. Additional platform features include: High Score API Get up and running by including only two simple lines of code in your game. Playing online games with friends has a different dynamic than playing with strangers. As Middling As It Gets. The beauty of Raptr is its intensely active community — or I guess I should say sub-communities. THE Skinny Street Smart Socialnomics Trends 2 days ago Combating Pollution with Innovation Electricity-generating pavements, air-purifying benches, and pollution-breaking paint are among the innovations…. THE WEBBY AWARDS HONORS: There are communities for Amnesia, Tribes: Beat your friends on the first mobile gaming social network Or play GAMEE in Telegram , in KIK and on Facebook. Instead of just giving you a review, Metacritic brings you reviews from all the great game websites as well as user rankings, so you can really tell if a game is good or bad. Individual Short or Episode Drama: The Socialnomics blog spawned from the book, written by Erik Qualman, with the intent of providing short social stories, statistics, studies and surprises about the biz and buzz of tech. You can get a killer profile with in-game stats, customer themes, favorite genre graphs and more, track you favorite games, be notified with new discussion, videos, news stories for the games you care about and follow your friends and online buddies and stay up to date with what they are playing, saying and doing. There's the "greenlight" where you can vote for new games to show up on the Steam Store. It has a simple site design but has a good blog which discusses various game-related stuff. Second Life Profiles — a site dedicated to second life gamers where you can meet the real people behind the second life avatars you meed in the Second Life world.


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